Mandatory death penalty in singapore

In Uganda, the Supreme Court found that prohibiting discretion when life is on the line violates equal protection, because it indiscriminately treats all serious crimes or offenders as equally grave or culpable, and because it discriminates between death-eligible defendants and non-death eligible defendants, who are granted the right to present mitigating factors in their defense.

Judges should be given the discretion to impose the death penalty only where deemed appropriate. The organisers of the event at the Furama Hotel said it was the first such public gathering organised solely by members of the public against the death penalty in Singapore. There is very limited information on the backgrounds of those currently on death row in Singapore.

Mandatory Death Penalty

He was convicted and sentenced to death by the High Court in[21] withdrew his right to appeal, and had a clemency plea to the President rejected.

The death penalty - A hidden toll of executions". In places like Sandakan where people are poor, struggling and lacking in opportunities, it is easy to find young people naive, gullible and eager to get out of what is perceived as a dead-end town.

Misuse of Drugs Act (Singapore)

It is unfortunate that Mandatory death penalty in singapore uniqueness of this distinction was not recognized, and it remains for me to convince the Court of Appeal that at least this stage of the process should be subject to judicial review.

The mandatory death penalty is on the decline, largely as a result of judicial challenges to its application. Malawi, Constitutional Case No. A Tale of Two Cities. In Singapore, the war for abolition cannot be won solely in the courtrooms. The promise of going to cities like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore -- seen as advanced, prosperous paradises -- is enough to tempt some to commit crimes the severity of which they may or may not fully comprehend.

A few countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia, have continued to uphold the mandatory death penalty in the face of repeated constitutional challenges.

Any person who is an accomplice Section 5 to a person convicted of arms use during a scheduled offence can likewise be executed. A flawed tool to tackle crime Singaporean officials have continued to justify the retention of the death penalty by pointing to it being a supposedly effective tool to tackle crime.

See Murder of Huang Na for details on the case. Wong became the first woman to receive the capital punishment from a Singapore court. Yong told his lawyer that in Lee was dragged kicking and screaming from his cell to the gallows. I did not 'apologise' at all and welcomed the prison sentence which drew even more attention to the real issues.

The mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking was thus unconstitutional. Lee, too, came from a family facing hard times; his mother a bankrupt, his father in need of an operation after a heart attack.

In a series of cases decided in andthe Inter-American Commission on Human Rights found that the mandatory death penalty violated the right to life, the right to humane treatment or punishment, and the right to a fair trial.

In the end, he asked the judge to give him the death sentence [62] and was hanged in January A plea for clemency from the Australian government was rejected by the Singapore authorities. This means that if person A is asked by person B to pass a packet of heroin to person C on the pretext that the packet contains herbs, person A will be found guilty of trafficking if he does not inspect the package.

Sinceat least eighteen nations have discarded the mandatory death penalty. The next point to note is the extent to which the clemency process in Singapore has been placed beyond review encompasses the whole process from before a petition of clemency is filed up until it is rejected.

Botswana also appears to provide for the mandatory death penalty for the crime of piracy, without consideration of extenuating circumstances.

Since the new reforms were introduced indrug carriers should be able to avoid mandatory death sentences by co-operating sufficiently with the state prosecutor during the investigation phase or trial.

Prabagaran Srivijayan, a Malaysian hanged on July 14, A report of the review would be submitted to the Ministry of Law. Convicted of trafficking 1. As the only child and sole breadwinner, he agreed to deliver packages in Malaysia and Singapore.

Mandatory Death Penalty for Controlled Drugs Trafficking in Singapore

The three were hanged in Queen, Criminal Appeal No. The Queen, Appeal No. If the death penalty itself is not proven to deter any more than the penalty of life imprisonment, then the introduction of some discretion in the sentencing of those convicted of trafficking in drugs cannot possibly be rejected on the grounds of deterrence.

The impact of international law and of the momentum created by this line of cases is particularly clear in Kenya, where the Court of Appeal struck down the mandatory death penalty on the grounds that it was inhumane and violated the right to a fair trial, ultimately because of its undiscerning nature.

These scheduled offences are being a member of an unlawful assembly; rioting; certain offences against the person; abduction or kidnapping; extortion; burglary; robbery; preventing or resisting arrest; vandalism; mischief.

The mandatory death penalty is far too simplistic a solution for a problem as big as drug trafficking and abuse. Before his execution, around people attended a three-hour vigil held for him in Furama Hotel.

The judge, Quentin Lohdismissed his apology as "nothing more than a tactical ploy in court to obtain a reduced sentence". His last words were "don't get involved in drugs.Singapore’s continued reliance on mandatory death sentences, which violate international law, has meant that dozens of low level drug offenders have been sent to death row in recent years, Amnesty International said in a new report released today.

May 11,  · Singapore's government often insists that the mandatory death penalty is necessary to our city state, portraying it as a "trade-off" for security and a drug-free Singapore. The Misuse of Drugs Act is a drug control law in Singapore classifying substances into three categories, Classes A, B, Persons caught with less than the Mandatory Death Penalty amounts of these controlled substances face penalties ranging from caning (up to 24 strokes) to life in prison.

Singapore should, instead, end its use of capital punishment. Under Singapore’s Misuse of Drugs Act, the courts must apply the death penalty for drug offenses involving more than specified. Singapore’s Court of Appeal has rejected arguments that the mandatory death penalty is unconstitutional on the basis that it bears a rational relation to the social.

US president Donald Trump is known to have some highly questionable tastes (in both food and policies), so when Axios reported that he’s in love with Singapore’s mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking, it should raise some eyebrows.

For months, the American news site reported, Trump has been raving to his friends about Singapore’s low drug consumption rates due to the infamous.

Mandatory death penalty in singapore
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